Maintain Your Golf Performance Throughout Winter

Do you notice a decline in your golf performance during the winter months?

Are you struggling to regain your momentum when spring arrives?

It’s crucial to keep your game at its peak even during the off-season. Enhancing your mental and physical fitness during this time ensures you’re prepared for the upcoming season.

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Package Overview:

My off-season training program is designed to keep you in top form, mentally and physically. I understand the importance of maintaining focus and motivation, even when the weather makes it difficult to hit the course. The program focuses on:

  • Mental Conditioning: Training your mind is as crucial as training your body. We’ll work on exercises to keep your mental game sharp, incorporating techniques such as block release and positive visualisation for enhanced performance.
  • Technical Improvement: Tailored training sessions will address specific areas of your game that need attention, ensuring you return to the course with improved skills. I wont try to teach you technique but will help you mind enable to technique you know you should be using.
  • Indoor and Range Training: We’ll employ various indoor and range-based activities suitable for the off-season, ensuring you stay in tune with the game.
  • Fitness and Nutrition: Maintaining physical fitness and a proper diet is integral to staying mentally and physically prepared. We’ll focus on your overall wellness, ensuring you’re ready for the challenges ahead.

Program Details:

The package includes a series of four sessions spaced approximately two weeks apart. These sessions will be dedicated to enhancing your game, mental focus, and physical preparedness.

Pre-Season Session:

Additionally, an extra session will be scheduled at the beginning of the new season, giving you an edge right from the start. This final session aims to ensure you’re optimally prepared to enjoy your game and potentially win early season competitions.


Make the most of your off-season by staying committed to your golf performance. Whether you take a break during the winter or continue playing, this package is designed to keep you ahead of the game and ready for success when the new season arrives.

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