The 5 Day Sleep Challenge – Improve Your Sleep for FREE!

The 5 Day Sleep Challenge – Improve Your Sleep for FREE! post thumbnail image

March 14 - 07:00 pm


March 18 - 08:00 pm

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Steve Woods - Hypnotist @ Hypnosis Fore Golf

Join The 5 Day Sleep Challenge – Improve Your Sleep for FREE!

How would you like to sleep better?

Join me for 5 days of Hypnosis, tips and techniques to help you sleep.

Each day I will share with you real life changing methods to improve your sleep from day 1. Using Hypnosis, physical changes and some new habits that will have you settled in your bed quickly.

All the activity and information will be available in the private Facebook group. Live videos will run at 7pm UK/UTC and you can access them at any time.

The Facebook group will also be the place for me sharing the hints and tips each day and a great support community.

  • Day 1 – Live Hypnosis Session
  • Day 2 – Hints and Tips
  • Day 3 – Live Video Q&A
  • Day 4 – More Hints and Tips
  • Day 5 – Live Hypnosis Session

Recordings and information will remain within the Facebook Group along with all the support to ensure you improve your sleep by following the instructions.


About Steve Woods

Steve has been helping people make positive changes since 2004. As a registered Hypnotist and after working in the general world of health and wellbeing Hypnotherapy for the first 15 years, Steve now focuses on enabling people to perform better.

Steve has had the pleasure and privilege of running workshops for the British Medical Association, speaking and demonstrating Hypnosis at National NHS events and working with high performing sports people over the years.

More recently he has been continuing to work in the world of sport whilst also making use of life changing Hypnosis to enable and enhance Business Performance for individuals and teams.

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