FREE Stress and Anxiety Release Online Hypnosis Session

FREE Stress and Anxiety Release Online Hypnosis Session post thumbnail image

Steve Woods - Hypnotist @ Hypnosis Fore Golf

Join with Steve Woods for this Online Group Stress and Anxiety Release Session. Gain clarity of thought and focus.

Stress and anxiety impacts the lives of many in the World. When we are anxious or feeling stressed we cannot think clearly, there is a fog in our heads and even logical things start to feel out of place.

Linked to that there are often physical symptoms of pains and discomfort caused by tension and then resulting in more stress and anxiety.

Not to mention the impact on sleep.

Join in today in this small online group session and enjoy some amazing calm and relaxation with specific focus on releasing the stress and anxiety and having clear calm thoughts.

Even if you have attended one of these before you are most welcome to join in again and will always get great benefit.

As the group size is small this still feels like a being in the same room.

One recent client said I felt so calm after the session, my physical tension had gone, I had clear thought and sleep came naturally“.

Another said It was filled with clarity and calm which is something many of us are challenged with – Thanks Steve

This is a FREE event.

Although booked for an hour it is more likely to be around 40 minutes.

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