Business Performance Mindset – Group Hypnosis Session – FREE

Business Performance Mindset – Group Hypnosis Session – FREE post thumbnail image

Steve Woods - Hypnotist @ Hypnosis Fore Golf

Focus your mind on success, on clarity and being at your best in business


Did you know Hypnosis can help your Business Performance?

Did you know Hypnosis can help you with your Sales Focus?

Did you know Hypnosis can help you with Clarity and Direction?

Today you will be learning more about Hypnosis and how it works before using Hypnosis to bring about some real change in your business, your life.

All online. Join from anywhere in the world!

And if you can’t make it on the day you will receive a recording by email a few days later.

What will you get from this workshop? A change in mindset to help you make more sales, be more confident, or more focused.

Limited places. Secure yours today.

About Steve Woods

Steve has been helping people make positive changes since 2004. As a registered Hypnotist and after working in the general world of health and wellbeing Hypnotherapy for the first 15 years, Steve now focuses on enabling people to perform better.

Steve has had the pleasure and privilege of running workshops for the British Medical Association, speaking and demonstrating Hypnosis at National NHS events, and working with high-performing sportspeople over the years.

More recently he has been continuing to work in the world of sport whilst also making use of life-changing Hypnosis to enable and enhance Business Performance for individuals and teams.

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