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Time for a Hypnotic Holiday! Live VideoTime for a Hypnotic Holiday! Live Video

Only listen when safe to close your eyes. This video was a live Hypnosis session to enjoy a quick trip to your own holiday destination in your mind. Feeling like hours this session will leave you calm and refreshed. A great fun way to enjoy some Hypnosis.

Productivity and HypnosisProductivity and Hypnosis

Richard Hunter-Rice speaks with me in a live video about productivity, routine, structure, even about holidays and how Hypnosis can be used for the mindset of all of these.

Learn Self Hypnosis the Practical WayLearn Self Hypnosis the Practical Way

Steve talks about the regular online workshops to help you learn how to do Self Hypnosis and make amazing life changes. Click the link below the video to see the current workshops available.