Transform Your Golf with the Power of Hypnosis!

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Transform Your Golf with the Power of Hypnosis!

Welcome to the world of golf hypnosis and “Hypnosis Fore Golf”. Are you tired of battling with your mind on the course, struggling to focus, and letting performance anxiety hold you back? It’s time to unlock your full potential and take your game to new heights with the power of hypnosis.

Steve Woods (a Hypnotist since 2004) specialises in helping golfers overcome mental blocks, improve their focus and concentration, and boost their confidence on the course. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our tailored approach to golf hypnosis will help you achieve your goals and play with ease.

Say goodbye to nervousness, stress, and self-doubt and hello to improved mental toughness, enhanced performance, and greater enjoyment on the course. Book your FREE Golf Hypnosis Strategy Session today and discover the difference hypnosis can make in your game!

Steve Woods – Hypnotist

“Welcome to the world of golf hypnosis! I’m excited to help you transform your game and reach new heights on the course. Let’s tee off on this journey together.” Steve Woods

“Every golfer will know that the shanks are the worse things you can get when playing. I am a reasonable golfer and got to single figures 3 years ago. I then got the shanks which ruined my game and ended up at 13 HCP. I managed to get back to 11 HCP but still had the shanks. I thought about packing the game up, then a friend suggested hypnosis.

I was given Steve’s contact details and booked 3 sessions with him. I was sceptical at first and not sure what to expect. After just 3 sessions, I can honestly say that my game has improved dramatically and I have started enjoying playing again. Thanks, Steve”


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