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Would you like to drive your performance mindset to the next level of play, whether you play for fun or as a pro?

Do you mostly play golf well and have the skills but sometimes overthink things? Do you suffer with ‘First Tee Nerves‘, The ‘Yips‘ or ‘Shanks‘? Have you lost the enjoyment of your game?

Improve your Golf Performance quickly and effectively with the power of Hypnosis. Book your FREE Online Strategy Session today and learn more.

First Tee Nerves

Do you suffer from getting to the first tee, only to put your first three shots of the day in the rough, take a huge divot with a driver or put the ball straight in the water?


Are you fed up with taking three or more putts on every hole? Seeing that perfect line go sailing past and end up off the green? 


Thinking that your playing partners would be better off in riot gear and a crash helmet rather than telling you it was a good shot?


Do you get the shakes, worry about every shot or just can’t handle the pressure when competing?


Do you need to lose some weight? To eat and drink in a more healthy way?


Do you struggle to sleep before a big and important game?

Something is working - I am showing a startling and continuing improvement in my game - scored a 75 on a par 72 course today (not bad for a 9 handicapper) I have neither made any swing changes , nor taken any lessons so the only thing I can attribute it to is the sessions we have had. Amazing results Steve. 👌🏼
FREE Strategy SessionFREE Golf Self Hypnosis

“Every golfer will know that the shanks are the worse things you can get when playing. I am a reasonable golfer and got to single figures 3 years ago. I then got the shanks which ruined my game and ended up at 13 HCP. I managed to get back to 11 HCP but still had the shanks. I thought about packing the game up, then a friend suggested hypnosis.

I was given Steve’s contact details and booked 3 sessions with him. I was sceptical at first and not sure what to expect. After just 3 sessions, I can honestly say that my game has improved dramatically and I have started enjoying playing again. Thanks, Steve”



Each of our bespoke sessions will release your game problems and build on performance and improvement. Making full use of the skills you already have and working alongside lessons if need be.

The package of support will create rapid and effective change from the first session onward and you will be quickly enjoying your game again. 


If you run a golf society or club then why not treat your members to a group session to help them improve their game? I work with groups to enhance their game performance easily.

Talks and demonstrations are available which will provide benefits to all that attend.


Take strokes off their handicap and get them in contention for that monthly medal by booking a session with Steve today.

FREE Strategy Session

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